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What are you watching right now?
witchinghours wrote in khistoricdrama
I was wondering what everyone is watching right now? Right they're showing Emperor Wang Guhn and Seoul 1945 on WYBE/Mind TV.

Years ago when I lived in Central NJ I watched Korean historical dramas on WMBC-TV. Right now they're showing Gwanggaeto the Great which I haven't seen yet.

Both WMBC and WYBE unfortunately haven't shown the Korean historical dramas from MBC, only the ones from KBS. I have been wanting to see Jewel of the Palace and I recently heard of a new Korean historical drama from MBC called Tree With Deep Roots.

Years ago I had seen Damo on ImagineAsian TV but the cable companies unfortunately stopped broadcasting that channel.

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Every once in awhile I'll catch an episode of Gwanggaeto on WMBC-TV. It's pretty good if just for the great cast! Otherwise, I'm not watching anything unfortunately... :(

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