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What are you watching right now?
witchinghours wrote in khistoricdrama
I was wondering what everyone is watching right now? Right they're showing Emperor Wang Guhn and Seoul 1945 on WYBE/Mind TV.

Years ago when I lived in Central NJ I watched Korean historical dramas on WMBC-TV. Right now they're showing Gwanggaeto the Great which I haven't seen yet.

Both WMBC and WYBE unfortunately haven't shown the Korean historical dramas from MBC, only the ones from KBS. I have been wanting to see Jewel of the Palace and I recently heard of a new Korean historical drama from MBC called Tree With Deep Roots.

Years ago I had seen Damo on ImagineAsian TV but the cable companies unfortunately stopped broadcasting that channel.

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I haven't seen any historical dramas on the local Korean channel lately, & that's too bad, as I would like to see Jewel of the Palace again. I may have to resort to buying/renting DVDs?? There are only modern dramas on right now.
I'm going to check out the other two dramas you mentioned.

Every once in awhile I'll catch an episode of Gwanggaeto on WMBC-TV. It's pretty good if just for the great cast! Otherwise, I'm not watching anything unfortunately... :(

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