Queen Insu on TVK
There's a new Korean channel on cable television called TVK(Channel 667 on Comcast in South Jersey). They're showing a program called Queen Insu overnight tonight/very early morning Monday at 1:30. Although it doesn't look like it was produced by KBS it still looks like a Korean historical drama. I haven't watched it yet.

What I found out about it:





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wbds: dong soo
251 x Warrior Baek Dong Soo (eps 18-29)

wbds17+ 54  wbds17+ 217  wbds17+ 245

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Dae Jo-Yeong Tomorrow on WYBE/MiND-TV
For anyone interested, they'll begin showing Dae Jo-Yeong again on WYBE/MiND-TV tomorrow at 10 PM.

I hope they show King Gwanggaeto the Great soon on WYBE/MiND-TV.

Some reviews...
Hello! (ヾ(´・ω・`) It's a quiet community so far, so I just thought I would add a little something. I have some old movie reviews (on some now-old movies Oo;) in my journal, and here are the historical (and history-fantasy) films I reviewed:

Shadowless Sword
Sword in the Moon
Blood Rain
Legend of the Evil Lake

The only TV series I reviewed was Jumong, but I dropped it so it's not even a complete synopsis.

I keep telling myself I'll start reviewing movies again. And if I do, I'll cross-post the approperiate titles here.

What are you watching right now?
I was wondering what everyone is watching right now? Right they're showing Emperor Wang Guhn and Seoul 1945 on WYBE/Mind TV.

Years ago when I lived in Central NJ I watched Korean historical dramas on WMBC-TV. Right now they're showing Gwanggaeto the Great which I haven't seen yet.

Both WMBC and WYBE unfortunately haven't shown the Korean historical dramas from MBC, only the ones from KBS. I have been wanting to see Jewel of the Palace and I recently heard of a new Korean historical drama from MBC called Tree With Deep Roots.

Years ago I had seen Damo on ImagineAsian TV but the cable companies unfortunately stopped broadcasting that channel.

Korean Historical Yahoo! Group
Sorry to post this here but LiveJournal won't let me type more than a sentence to describe this group, otherwise I would have placed this in the group's description. I think it's one of the recent changes that LiveJournal has been making.

Anyway, for anyone interested there's a group for anyone interested in Korean historical dramas called "Emperor Wang Guhn... Korean Historicals" at

I know alot of people have been avoiding alot of the Yahoo! groups because they're either dead or because the messages are from spammers. This group is still active and there isn't spam posted here unlike many of the other Yahoo! groups.

Welcome to the group! This group is for anyone interested in Korean Historical Dramas, Korean Historical movies and Korean Historical Fantasies such as The Story of the Great King and the Four Gods.


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